Feb 14

ACT for NIH Foundation is proud to announce the publication of Angel in Mink

February 14, 2023 – ACT for NIH Foundation is proud to announce the publication of Angel in Mink, The Story of Mary Lasker’s Crusade for Medical Research and The National Institutes of Health written by Shirley Haley.

Angel in Mink details the life of the remarkable philanthropist Mary Lasker and her life-long commitment to supporting biomedical research and the National Institutes of Health. Lasker’s story has not been as widely told as it deserves – until now. In this book, we see how Lasker journeys through the halls of power and science, which was key to positioning NIH as the largest public funder of medical research in the world. Her call to action—”If you think research is expensive, try disease”—remains as true today as ever.

During her tenacious battle for more biomedical research funding, Lasker worked with and befriended Presidents and first ladies and became a familiar figure at White House functions. Near the end of her career, she would be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, two of the highest honors available to a US Citizen. It is our hope that through this book her efforts will be remembered and celebrated, and that it will serve as a reminder to future generations of the importance of advocating for what you believe in.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of Angel in Mink, the hardcover book and the e-book are both available for purchase on Amazon, or you can click here for a free downloadable copy of the e-book. The audiobook of Angel in Mink is also now available for purchase on most major streaming platforms.