Apr 02

$32.084 billion for NIH in FY 2016 Omnibus

December 16, 2015 – The following statement may be attributed to Pat White, president, ACT for NIH:

We are pleased to report that the FY16 spending bill just released by Congress will increase NIH’s budget by $2 billion, or approximately 6.6 percent, the largest investment in both dollar and percentage terms since 2003. Over the past 13 years, NIH has lost nearly 25 percent of its purchasing power. This omnibus appropriation ends the downward spiral in funding for lifesaving biomedical research.

That Congress has elevated NIH as a national priority is a testament to our elected leaders’ ability to work together to get things done. This bipartisan commitment will renew hope for millions of American patients and their families anxiously awaiting cures.

Since we launched eighteen months ago, ACT for NIH has sought to restore NIH’s budget. This renewed Congressional investment in NIH will spark scientific advances that aid understanding, treatment, prevention, and cures for thousands of diseases and conditions.

We are deeply grateful to our bipartisan Congressional leaders who championed NIH funding throughout this year’s budget and appropriations process. ACT for NIH looks forward to continuing to work with them toward our shared goal of restoring funding for the National Institutes of Health.